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a computer screen with the aspire logo on it
a computer screen with the aspire logo on it

With integrations for today’s top LMS platforms, we provide fast production of eLearning courses that ensure your learners are trained effectively – in any language.

eLearning Translation

We help ensure your eLearning courses are a success before you start by providing expert localization guidance and tips. We know how much work you put into creating courses that educate. Whether you require translation for onboarding an international workforce, need training sales for a new product, or want to earn better customer satisfaction, we can help.

Software and File Capabilities

We do more than simply translate words. Our page formatting experts will certify that your content—both words and graphics—is correctly displayed in your final product. Through our seamless localization process, you’ll save time and money when you hand off your desktop publishing translation projects to our team. We specialize in numerous document authoring and design tools.

Software we work with includes:

Adobe Captiva

Adobe After Efects


Instructure Canvas


Microsoft PowerPoint

eLearning Solutions

Product Training

Are you selling your products internationally? Then we know your global sales team will need to be trained on how to effectively speak to the benefits and features while going up against the competition. We can help your training team create multi-lingual LMS modules that set up sales for success.

Employee Onboarding

Are you hiring employees who speak different languages? We know how important it is to make a good first impression on new employees. Translating your employee onboarding programs will show them that it’s important that your company connects with them through common understanding.

Employee Onboarding

Do you have employees who speak different languages? We know how important it is that your staff understands company policies and procedures that are critical to ethics and culture. Translating your employee compliance courses will ensure that your company’s ethics, culture, and policies are understood by your diverse employee base.

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